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Thermo Body Shaper

Reviews 4,7/5

Make your training 6x more effective.
Burn fat, tone & muscle faster. The must-have to make your New Year’s resolutions a success.



The Sweat Shaper Leggings use performance compression that instantly tucks your tummy and shapes your waist and glutes for a smooth, toned silhouette. The elastic fibers hug your back and sides for added lumbar support.


Only Sweat Shaper is lined with our heat trapping polymer fabric that seals in your natural body heat. Your core temperature rises, so you’ll feel a hot sauna-like experience that will quickly enhance your sweating.


Featuring a anti-slip waistband built into the fabrication that keeps the Sweat Shaper in place. It molds and moves with your core and waist for a secure flexible fit during workouts at the gym, yoga, cardio, cycling, or simply running everyday errands


Material construction: 92% Polyester & 8% Spandex on the outside, while the inside is 100% Polyurethane. Completely neoprene-free because of the foul odor, added bulk, and its known association with allergic skin reactions and irritation.

" 10/10 Highly recommend "
"I have burned so much more fat with these leggings, thank you!"
Katy Hepworth