Lower & Upper Denture Reline Kit – LYKOS AGENCE

Lower & Upper Denture Reline Kit

#1 Innovation of the Year 2022

Reviews 4,7/5


"Now You Can Wear Your Dentures Without Any Adhesive & Don't Have To Worry About It Coming Loose In Public Or While Eating "

✅ DenSureFit Makes Your Denture Fit Like Never Before.

✅ DenSureFit Holds Your Denture In Place All Day For Upto 3 Months Even After Daily Or Nightly Cleaning.

✅ All In The Comfort Of Your Home.

✅ Eat The Foods You Love Again.

✅ More Cost-Effective Than Adhesive.

✅ DenSureFit Can Seal Out 99% Of Food Particles That Can Get Stuck Under Your Dentures & Gums.

✅ Made In The USA.

DenSureFit is a custom 3-D liner that makes your denture fit like a glove. Reduces or eliminates adhesive. Our soft silicone reline kit keeps the food particles out from between gums & denture which eliminates denture pain. Combines high-tech professional-grade materials and an innovative suction technique to give you the best fit you’ve ever had & provides you a soft cushion which acts like a pillow for your gums … all in the comfort of your home. Which will make your dentures feel like your natural teeth.

✅ A NON-Adhesive Solution To Loose Dentures To Improve The Fit And Comfort For Months

✅ An “At-Home” Soft Silicone Reline Kit Used To Create A Customized Liner That Stays Inside Of The Denture

✅ Dental-Grade Soft Silicone Reline Material That Is Considered The “Holy Grail” Of Soft Reline Materials Used By Many Dentists